The ins and outs of it

*Warning* this blog contains some really rubbish double-entendres and a (frankly unnecessary) tale of personal habits….
Last night I did that ‘thing’, that thing we said we wouldn’t do.
Yes, that’s right..I Instagrammed a sunset .

So as a counterbalance I thought it was only right and proper to ‘open up’ about some of the un- Instagrammable bits of the trip so far. Those of you who follow us on Facebook will have seen recent posts about Chris trying to fix the toilet and about my ecstasy at having a BATH!!  – I’m struck by how, in a very short time, our life has begun to revolve around what comes into the van and, perhaps more importantly, what goes out.

When the water runs out, simple things like cooking and washing up become really difficult ,let alone washing ourselves and flushing the loo! And so we either pay to pitch up at a campsite where we can fill up our tank or we find a supermarket and stock up on 5L bottles of water – so much for “oh we’ll spend most of our time wild-camping”.

And now the toilet has broken. We thought we had that one covered – we even bought an extra toilet  ‘cassette’ so that we have double the But the other morning, just before setting off on the next leg of our journey, Chris came back from emptying the loo cassette and, at the risk of sounding like a ‘Carry On’ film, found that he couldn’t get it back in. He pushed and shoved till he broke a sweat but it was no good. Then he tried to pull it out, but it was stuck fast ..and I think a bit may have broken off – no wonder he swore at me when I tried to take a picture for Facebook!
So he’s going to try to fix it today – in the meantime we use the camp-site ‘facilities’ in the daytime but at night we have to use a bucket. Now this is not so bad if you’re male, slightly more difficult for me ..besides I’m the only one who gets up in the night. To try to retain a teensy bit of dignity, I kept the bucket in our ‘bathroom’ but there’s only about 2ft of floor space in there and bear in mind that this is no ordinary bucket, this is a collapsible camping bucket -put any weight on top and …well you can imagine! Sooo, some ‘balancing’ was involved and those of you who know me know that my strength/weight ratio and core-strength are sub-optimal to say the least – it wasn’t my best moment.

I’m not fishing for sympathy, I know we’re really lucky to be doing this and it’s the experience of a lifetime, but I hope that reading about some of the ‘practicalities’ of life in a van makes up for the Instagram sunset.


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  1. Alan 2 years ago

    We’ve just written about re-modelling our “smallest room” in the van and how the previous owners very kindly left us the contents of the cassette in-situ, which gave us a whole new perspective of the regime!

    1. Lottie 2 years ago

      Yes- the previous owners of our van did the same! Must’ve been in there for months too (Bleurgh!)
      Enjoyed your blog – yesterday was a great day for toilet posts! 🙂

  2. Jemma 2 years ago

    I’m not on Instagram so this really wasn’t necessary. I salute your honesty. Still jealous 🙂

    1. Lottie 2 years ago

      Thanks Jemma – we want to give a really honest account of the trip and know it won’t all be roses – but then neither is home life I guess. Besides, the bad bits will make memories too – I’m already laughing about my encounters with a bucket 🙂

  3. Dinah Mason 2 years ago

    Hi guys….
    Good luck on your adventure
    We always had a shit shovel when we were traveling, not so handy in towns admittedly, and a nappy bucket makes a good overnight loo, sturdy and has a lid.

    1. Chris 2 years ago

      Thanks Dinah! The Loo is fixed – so we’ve put the collapsible bucket away for now…