Omaha Beach and the British Cemetery at Bayeux

Its not really possible to comprehend the scale of the loss of life or the sheer number of individual tragedies associated with the D-Day landings until you visit the war cemeteries and museums in Normandy. After a while I wasn’t sure whether my tears were for the lives lost in that brief period or for the growing feeling that we continue to make the mistakes that this sacrifice of life sought to correct.

We have no idea who Donald W. Kellar (pictured in the headstone above) was. Stan simply decided that he would find a soldier who died on the same day as his birthday and leave some daisies on the headstone. While he was doing this, Libby was busying herself straightening the flowers on every grave she passed. Such simple connections and acts of respect seem to come naturally from kids and should probably serve as a lesson to us all.

The American Cemetery, Omaha Beach


British Cemetery and Museum – Bayeux


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