First shakedown trip

It was time for our first ‘shakedown’ trip in the new (well new to us) van. January in North Wales, not the classic time to go wild camping in untried van…

We’d made some improvements to the van, refillable LPG bottles, furnishings, LED lighting and new batteries, but we’d never tested any of them. We also hadn’t tried driving down narrow country lanes in the 4.6t monster…

Turns out that a wild and wet weekend in North Wales is the perfect time to for such a test. We arrived at night, it was raining and very (like gale force) windy. We’d chosen to wild camp on the Aber Foreshore which overlooks the Isle of Anglesey and Dinas Dinlle and probably couldn’t be more exposed.

  • aber_foreshore
  • aber_foreshore2
  • aberforeshore_3
  • AberForeshore4
  • aberforeshore5
  • aberforeshore6

At this time of year it was wild and beautiful, and the van? Performed like a trooper. We had to turn the heating off in the evening as it got too warm while the rain and wind howled outside.


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