Bayeux – so much more than a tapestry.

Our ferry brought us into Caen and our first planned stop was Bayeux.

Home of the world famous tapestry depicting the run up to, and end of, the battle of Hastings in 1066. I say ‘home of’ the Tapestry because it appears that is was likely commissioned by Bishop Odo (brother to William) in Bayeux  but crafted in England.  The Tapestry is well worth a visit, wherever it was made. The interpretation for kids is fantastic (actually the kids seem to have learnt more new stuff about the whole Norman thing than we have…)

We already knew the Tapestry was here though. What we didn’t know about Bayeux was:

  • It is a stunning medieval town in its own right.
  • It is a great base for cycling the region. (I cycled to the coast and started to get a feel for what the second world war and liberation actually means in this region).
  • The municipal campsite that we stayed at, Camping Au Bords de l’Aure, is reasonably priced and is a 2.5km cycle along the river into the heart of Bayeux.




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